A World of Make Believe


Examining the Art of Social Engineering

An Exhibition



Communication, Power & Counter-power in the Network Society

The Creation of Discursive Monoculture

Communications in Conflict



A Fixed Mentality

Charms of Naomi: The Mystique of Mass Hypnosis

R2P: The Theatre of Catastrophe

Yes Logo: The McKibben-Klein Doctrine



Axis of Evil (New Economy, Clean Energy, Sustainable Capitalism)

The Collaborators (Havas, Ceres)

The Purpose of Avaaz (Avaaz, Purpose, 350)


  1. […] power enable the murder of indigenous activists and unembedded journalists with impunity. In A World of Make Believe, I elaborated on the fact that privatized mass communication now dominates public opinion to such a […]


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